What We Do



Pregnancy is such a special time but can also be quite confusing as there are so many choices to be made that will affect both you and your baby.

A Doula is there to guide you through, providing you with informational, emotional and physical support.

I offer a number of pregnancy services including:
- Early pregnancy support

- Assistance in sourcing unbiased information to allow parents to make informed decisions

- Links to other complimentary therapies (physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, aromatherapy etc)

- Birth Education & Preparation

- De-briefing of previous births

- Support at medical appointments, especially those in which there is a need to discuss birth options or issues


Labour and Birth

Labour and Birth is the time when a Doula is most effective. If I am your birth doula I will:
- Be on call from 37 weeks pregnant

- Remain with you from the early stages of labour at home until after your baby is born

- Provide physical and emotional support

- Facilitate a birthing environment that will enable the birthing mother to feel safe and respond instinctively to the needs of her baby and her body

-  Use non-medical comfort techniques for labour and birth including massage, breathwork, heat/cold therapy, hydrotherapy, positioning, reassurance and enhancing privacy 

- Provide support and reassurance to Dad to allow him to best support the birthing mum

- Step in as the main support when Dad needs to have bathroom and food breaks (or grab a quick nap)

- Facilitate effective communication with your medical caregivers

- Advocate for the birthing couples wishes

- Ensure the birthing couple are adequately informed regarding any decisions that may need to be made


Postpartum Support

Often many couples have prepared for the pregnancy, the labour and the birth but are shocked to discover that they feel quite lost in those first weeks and months once they are settling into life with a newborn.

I am able to provide couple with assistance in a number of area's such as:

- Feeding

- Sleeping

- Settling

- Adjusting to life with a newborn

And for those that require additional, specialised or medical support I have a number of resources and contacts that I am able to connect you with.