Bree - Mum of 2

I first met up with Marika when I was about 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. After a very difficult and traumatic experience with my first son’s birth I was obviously looking for a more relaxed, calm and controlled experience this time around.
Marika immediately showed understanding and compassion about our previous ordeal and made me feel supported in our decision to have an elective caesarean this time.
From our first meeting I knew I could trust Marika and she seemed genuinely interested in ensuring our birth was going to be a positive and beautiful experience this time around.
I had obviously told Marika about our first son’s birth and expressed my disappointment with the lack of information we were given surrounding the issues that arose during labour and when he was born. We never quite understood what went wrong. No one had ever explained the situation to us and because of that, part of us probably blamed ourselves for what went wrong. Marika did a birth debrief and explained it in a way that I could understand the issues and help set aside all my anxieties around the new baby’s birth.
Marika understood our birth intentions, she did not pressure me into changing my mind about anything and I was surprised that she still agreed to meet with me even though she wasn’t going to be present at the birth. However, meeting with Marika made me feel less anxious and help put me in a more positive mind set ready for my new baby to arrive.

And our son arrived in a calm, beautiful birth that was exactly what we wanted.

I think that it takes an amazing person to want to help women transition into motherhood and care about their well being whilst ensuring their birth experience is a positive one. Marika makes you feel so comfortable and I would absolutely recommend Marika to any expectant mum! 

Megan - Mum of 2

I would really like to thank Marika for being my Doula. She was absolutely amazing in helping me through my pregnancy. The emotional and physical support she gave me prior birth, during giving birth and after my son was born has been so very much appreciated, as any parent would know it isn’t easy.

Her knowledge and understanding of what I was going to go through really helped put my mind at ease and I had such a wonderful birth experience, bringing my son into the world in a calm, drug free birth.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone who isn’t too sure or could use the support through one of the most emotional and physically giving times any mother will endure.

Thank you so much Marika.

Megan x